Tasty Tickets

The key to happiness at The Texas Food Truck Showdown is Tasty Tickets. To get food from ANY of the trucks at The Texas Food Truck Showdown you’ll need to purchase Tasty Tickets. During the competition, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., trucks only accept Tasty Tickets for food. Tasty Tickets will be available for sale (cash or credit card) at the ticket tents during the event. Once you have Tasty Tickets you are free to use them at any truck you want!

One Tasty Ticket will be $5 for a 4 oz signature dish.

*Please Note*: Tasty Tickets will not be sold after 3 p.m. and they become invalid after 4 p.m.; no refunds for unused tickets. The food trucks will open their full menu at 4 p.m. for cash/card purchases.

Tasty Tickets allow the trucks to focus solely on creating and serving their signature dish for you to eat instead of processing payments via card or cash. This will help the lines move faster allowing you to try more trucks!


Bottled water and soda will also be available for purchase directly from the drink trailer with cash or card (drinks cannot be purchased from food truck vendors). NO tasty tickets will be taken for drinks.